Monday, July 08, 2013

Quote of the Day from my Youngest (by 21 endless, pain-filled minutes) Daughter

Said in a sepulchral tone of deepest melancholy, while contemplating her black-on-black sneakers as we're driving to weight-lifting class:

My shoes are a reflection of my soul...

I larfed. 


Buck said...

Your youngest and I have a lot in common. ;-)

PS: Have i ever told ya that veriword thing is a right royal PITA? Coz it IS. Three tries, now.

Old NFO said...

Geez, WHAT are you teaching that poor kid??? :-D

Brigid said...

Barkley is in the corner with my remaining good pair of comfy shoes with that look that says "I'm here to steal your sole".

There IS no having shoes without holes in them with a lab around.