Thursday, May 24, 2012

You've got it all wrong.

The other day, a (large, male) client vetted my massage potential by my handshake.

"GOOD handshake, you pass!"

I didn't disabuse him of this quaint notion, but inside I was shouting, "I have a firm handshake because I'm GERMAN, not because I'm a massage therapist!"

Face it, many Americans can't shake hands worth a damn, and that goes double for American women, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

I was raised to always give a firm handshake, and to look a person in the eye. Shake hands with a man, grip and release with a woman.
And, I'm an American!

Christina LMT said...

You are in the minority, in my experience. And don't grip and release, dammit! Shake hands with me like you would with my brother. I hate wimpy handshakes.

Anonymous said...

Just how I was raised.
You don't pump women's arms
(insert joke here)

Suldog said...

Very true. The handshake should be firm, but not crushing. Ideally, you will meet the other person's hand with firm pressure equal to theirs. Some folks don't have the first clue, though. They either try to mangle your hand or give you the "dead fish".

Anna Grey Flynn said...

Jesus, I need to work on mine. Mine are wimpy. I'm not used to handshaking.