Sunday, April 01, 2012

Please, for the love of all that's holy!

Don't wear overpowering (or ANY, really!) fragrance when you're getting a massage.

My first client of the day today was DRENCHED in perfume that smelled like the misbegotten child of baby powder and those blue things you put in your toilet tank. It made the back of my throat burn and my nose itch and run.

Plus, it had horrendous staying power: I could still smell it in my room at the end of my shift, four hours later.

Don't do it, people! Think of your therapists and take pity on their respiratory tracts! Thank you.


Old NFO said...

Ouch... You have MUCH more patience with people than I do!

phlegmfatale said...


I wear perfume every day, but I wear high-quality stuff and I don't blast a full spray directly onto myself- rather I aim it away from me and let a small portion hit my skin.

I know taste in scents is relative, but in any case, I'd hate to gross someone out with my fragrance.

Will keep this in mind next time I have a massage, which at this rate, will be next time YOU massage me.

I really need one, though. I probably should make the investment.

'Drea said...

I run into people regularly who wear revolting fragrances. It, literally, takes my breath away and makes me want to smack them.

It often smells like the wearer has doused themselves with the entire bottle of their horrid fragrance. I don't get it. What happened to dabbing?

Lissa said...

Hey, now. Maybe they were wearing that much perfume for a reason. If the alternative was having your room drenched in B.O., which would be less harmful?

(and yes, good hygiene trumps both, but we don't always get what we wish for)

Christina LMT said...

NFO, I doubt it!

Phlegmmy, you always smell lovely!

'Drea, it's awful when you're trapped in a small space, like an elevator, with someone like that.

Lissa, honestly? I'd prefer the B.O. I've had to deal with that, and it doesn't cause the kind of reaction that I get with artificial fragrances. Yes, it's gross when my clients aren't clean, but I prefer stank to chemicals burning my throat.

My client yesterday was fresh from the shower, luckily. I guess she doesn't feel "dressed" unless she's also bathed in her favorite scent.

Guffaw in AZ said...

When I worked for a major corp, it took us years to get a policy on this. There were times I'd be in the parking lot alone @0600, 100 yards from the entrance, no one in sight, and choke on some 'bathers' perfume!
If one is clean, I don't see the point. MAYBE, if one is lip distance away, a slight aroma of something. But these folks with 55 gal. drums in tow must stop!

phlegmfatale said...

You gots good taste, baby! At least I spend money on quality perfume.

Anonymous said...

I remember massaging in my first trimester. If I recall (it's honestly sort of a haze of misery) I had one lady who was obviously a heavy smoker and then had perfume on top of it. I wanted to die.