Monday, September 22, 2008

Pet Peeve # 7,369,852.039

Wimpy handshakes. Especially those wimpy WOMAN handshakes, where the woman in question sorta does the limp-wrist flop, as if I'm supposed to bow over her hand and kiss it or something.
It's probably my German upbringing, but I can't stand a bad handshake.

Maybe I should start a class? Proper Handshakes 101. Or write a book..."Shaking Hands for Dummies."

Works for me.


PharmacistMike said...

I agree with you. It kind of creeps me out. My father taught me how to shake hands at a young age. Make sure the web of your thumb/forefinger meets with the others persons, grab firmly but not too hard and shake.

Seems pretty simple but there are still those limp-wrist shakes that I can't stand, especially when it comes from another guy.

D N said...

Oh my god, I totally forgot how much I LOATHE those until you brought it up. At which point I felt the anger rising...seriously people, did no one ever teach you about proper handshakes?

When I get one of those limp one, I feel a deep deep urge to either teach them how to properly shake (and do, if the person has yet to graduate from high school using my "I'm a teacher, I have to teach" excuse) or I have to repress my urge to wipe my hand on my pants/skirt immediately after if the person is older.

Mostly I want to smack them..

Wow--I didn't know that rant was hiding in me...

Putz said...

my pet peave is whimpy milkshakes, ya know running, runny and not thicxk, yep whimpy milkshakes

Las Vegas Courtesan said...

Oh man... I definitely hate weak handshakes. Makes me want to go wash my hands afterwards since I feel so dirty

Christina LMT said...

Pharmacistmike, thanks for stopping by! I never even thought of the "thumb-webbing" thing...that's a great way to put it. I have tutored my girls on numerous occasions how to properly shake hands, just because it drives me up the wall so much when people can't do it right.
Also, which I forgot to mention in the post, I also dislike it when men act like they're afraid they're going to hurt me when we shake hands! As a massage therapist, it's usually the other way around!

D.N. - Tutor them! They obviously need it. I feel you on the smacking thing, it's definitely crossed my mind on more than one occasion...;)

Putz - you are too funny! Runny milkshakes are the pits, you're right!

Las Vegas Courtesan - I'm honored you stopped by. In Germany, or at least in Berlin, we likened those limp handshakes to holding a fresh dog-turd in your hand. Handwashing is absolutely indicated!

PharmacistMike said...

Christina, That is the reason you make the webs meet. That way if you meet a LMT they can't crush your hand. My pop had a buddy that used to hove to crush peoples hands when he shook. Pop taught me the trick so that I wouldn't wince every time I shook the guys hand.