Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I was just looking at my feet, which I had pampered earlier with a pedicure, and I realized anew just how ugly they are. BIG and ugly. If there was one thing about me I could change (feasibly, since I'm already changing other stuff), I'd have new feet.
What, if anything, would YOU change about yourselves? Physical stuff or other?
I'm curious...


Mauser*Girl said...

You can have my feet if you want them. They're small. (And ugly.)

If I could change anything about myself, I think I would like to have thicker hair. I have baby-fine hair that makes ponytails about as big around as my pinky finger, and I would kill to have nice, thick hair I can actually do things with.

And I'd like to have a different butt.

Christina LMT said...

Interesting...small and ugly is ALWAYS better than big and ugly!
Hair...hmmmm. I lucked out with hair, in that I don't have to do anything with it. If I needed to style it every day, I'd be s.o.l., since I can't do hair. Really. I CAN'T do hair, it's a nightmare!
I'm sure your butt has plenty of admirers! Thanks for answering, M*G!

Chuck said...

You really want me to go into this?

1. More hair...on my head.
2. Less gut.
3. Be around 6'1" instead of 6'5"
4. Have more ass and not one that's so flat.
5. Not have back hair that requires shaving every other month.
6. Have a ball tuck so they don't hang so low.
7. Have 11" feet instead of 13"
8. Not have such an addictive personality.
9. Shave a couple inches off me...

Well I'll stop here, but I could go on and on. ;)

Putz said...

teeth and feet, i go barefoot most or my retired life, i have had an infection that was horrible, also the heel is all dead and bumppy{well you did ask} my teeth, hurt even when a dentist works on them and afterwars, is all a dentist can do is cosmetic and not to make the damned thing stop hurting...well there you go

Christina LMT said...

Chuck - "ball tuck" LOL! Did you make that up? I hear you on the addictive personality, it's tough giving certain things up, isn't it?
As far as your height...bigger is better, right?! Then again, I've always wished to be taller.

Putz - sorry to hear about your pain. I hate it when I get a tooth-ache, I can only imagine constantly being in pain. :(
Going barefoot may make your feet ugly, but it's good for you!

Thanks for participating, guys!

Buck said...

Physical changes... current. Add about 35 ~ 50 pounds. I look like I spent the last five years in Dachau and was released only yesterday. Other than that? Not much, if anything.

Past: Fix that "bad teeth" gene. I really relate to Putz here. No pain, but no molars, either. Makes eating sorta problematic. And fixing it (implants) is a looong and somewhat painful process. I'll be glad when this shi'ite is OVER.

Miscellaneous Change: I'd also like to get laid again before I die. But I'm not willing to do what it takes to achieve THAT change. Thus: paradox. ;-)

Christina LMT said...

Buck, have you tried protein shakes, etc.? To bulk up, I mean.
I have so-so teeth, both my parents had/have bad ones, and only through lots and lots of care do I keep from having millions of cavities. I do have a few crowns, but haven't had to have any root canals (yet), knock on wood. My daughter Silver is almost the same, she's had a few small cavities, but is way more diligent with oral hygiene than I, whereas her younger sisters have to be reminded to brush their teeth at least once a day, and have NEVER had a cavity! Genetics are weird.
I feel your "not-gettin-any" pain. Believe me.


Buck said...

have you tried protein shakes, etc.? To bulk up, I mean.

I drink two bottles of Ensure-Plus a day... 700 extra calories... in addition to normal meals. And snacks. And chocolate. LOTS o' chocolate. ;-)

As for not gettin' any? One adapts. As I alluded, were I all that desperate I'd take action to change that situation. I just have no interest in what's required to get there. Dating, in other words. Yecch.

Christina LMT said...

Gotta love chocolate!
I'm scared of the dating thing. I wouldn't even know what to do, and right now I have so much other stuff on my plate, dating is the last thing on my mind!

jigsaw said...

hair ... when i was younger it was straight and fine ... now it is straight fine and really, really, really fine .....would love to have luscious, thick, wavy hair (and be younger too ... mmm, maybe back mid-20s .... and rich ... okay, now i'm just being greedy).

Christina LMT said...

Jigsaw, isn't it funny? We always want what we don't have. I have very, very rarely met a female who's happy with her hair. The ones with straight hair get perms, the ones with curly hair spend hours straightening it. We change the color constantly, and are either letting it grow or chopping it off.

I don't think I'd want to be younger, unless all my experience and hard-earned wisdom came with it!

Thanks for participating!

Blondefabulous said...

I'd exchange my feet as well. All the cute shoes are made small and narrow.....

Christina LMT said...

I know, BF! It's so frustrating!
It's even worse for my daughter Silver, she is only 5'2", but wears the same size shoe as I...9W!!!
She reminds me of Olive Oyl sometimes...

William the Coroner said...

Less of a gut. And less snoring.

Breda said...

I would have 2 feet

Christina LMT said...

William, the two DO go together! As I'm slowly losing my gut, my snoring is getting less and less. Or at least my sleep is getting better!

Thanks for stopping by!

Breda, you humble me.