Thursday, August 21, 2008

Junk Mail FAIL

Found this one in my mailbox today. I'm heading over to Failblog to create my own entry with it. Too sad! Doesn't anyone use a proofreader anymore?

funny pictures
more fail

Update: Changed the image to my "FAIL" one.


Putz said...

how do you know that wasn't serious and he wanted you to make a special effort to do something inconvient just so you could get his product

Christina LMT said...

You're absolutely right! Or maybe it was an employee with a grudge, who wanted a little payback...?

Mauser*Girl said...

Or maybe they sent their information into the printing place and the employee there did not know the difference between conveniently and inconveniently. That seems to be a trend with printing places around here. I cringe every time I pass signs like "Nurse's For You" advertising businesses. Bad spelling and wrong use of words make my brain bleed.

Christina LMT said...

I know, I know. It ticks me off when I see spelling or grammar errors on high school syllabi. I even corrected one that had to be signed by the parent and returned...I hope the teacher doesn't take it out on my daughter! And at the college today, there were signs on all the doors reminding the "instructor's" to get their key cards for the classrooms. ARGH!