Friday, July 27, 2007

Oodles of Stuff...

Okay, lots of stuff to post, including pictures of a recent outing to Boulder City and Lake Mead, which I'll save for my NEXT post:

First off, I'm (easily) fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes, due to the fact that I actually weigh five pounds LESS than I did when I got pregnant...yeee-haaaaah!

I got a very funny phone call at around 10:30 PM, some guy named Tony getting all hot'n'heavy on the phone, he thought I was a gal named Michelle who gave the phone number to him about an hour prior.
Michelle, if you're reading this, nice job on the fake number, just maybe next time you could use one that doesn't actually belong to a real person, m'kay?!

I believe I mentioned (in my first post, as a matter of fact) that I have a few issues with road rage. I learned my lesson a few days ago, and it's a really good thing the guy involved didn't have a gun. As it is, even though I was in the right (asshole was tail-gating me, even though I was driving 50 when the speed limit was 45), maybe I shouldn't have flipped him off while he was passing me.
We won't get into my language at the time, since he couldn't hear me anyway.
So the dude gets out of his car at the next light, after he manages to pass and get in front of me, yells "Fuck you, bitch!" repeatedly and spits at my car.
Hmmm, you'd think I had pissed him off, or something!
The whole thing did frighten my kids, who slid down as far in their seats as they could.
That was totally my fault, and I will endeavor in the future to leash my rage, maybe I'll make kissy faces at asshole drivers, instead.

Well, it's bed time for me now, I'll see if I can get those pics up tomorrow, very cool pictures of wild big horn sheep, who use a public park and playground every summer for grazing!


phlegmfatale said...

Ya know, guys like that are why God gave us middle fingers. Then again, you probably shouldn't have shown it to him. You never know what asshat on the road just got served divorce papers.

Christina said...

I know, I really felt it was touch and go for a bit, there!
From now on, no matter WHAT'S coming out of my mouth, my hands will stay glued to the steering wheel!