Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well, I don't feel the burning desire anymore to try to recreate the eaten post verbatim, so I'll just give you the high notes.

I started my new job last Wednesday, worked Wednesday and Thursday and came in this past Monday to find out that the super nice lady who hired me, the Spa Director, was fired on Friday.

I also found out that I'm not the only person she promised a therapist position, there are at LEAST five other people (with seniority, no less) to whom she made identical promises!

Maybe she was fired for a reason...

The point is moot, anyway. Whoever gets hired to replace her is certainly under no obligation to honor her promises.

I'm definitely going to stick it out, though. If even half the people quit or transfer out of the spa who have threatened to in the past few days, I'll be sitting pretty!

Even though I can't get the image of rats deserting a sinking ship out of my head...

On another note, a lady I work with has a cold, and she irritated the hell out of me by sniffling all day. Being the courteous wench that I am, I graciously held out a tissue box to her, hoping she'd take the (oh, so subtle) hint and blow her frickin' nose!

Her reply, "Oh, no, I can't blow my nose. It would mess up my make-up!"

Just shoot me now.

Another colleague of mine told a client off today. She is a very amusing, tough as nails young lady, who happens to be 10 weeks pregnant.

She's massaging this guy, who is face down on the table, and he starts "wiggling", basically grinding his junk into the table.

She immediately removes her hands from him and asks (in a very stern voice), "Why are you moving?"

He replies sheepishly, "I'm just going with the flow..."

Therapist: "Well, DON'T, you are making me VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!

He didn't move an inch during the rest of the treatment session, not even when he was on his back on the table.

She definitely doesn't take any shit from the clients, and that's as it should be, though I'd be a little more diplomatic about it!

The hotel is very good about therapist security. Even though the customer is king, that stops when the treatment begins, if the client is an ass, that is.

My supervisor told me how a client asked at the very end of his massage, "Where's my happy ending?", possibly as a joke, and the therapist immediately broke off the session and security escorted the client out.

We just can't take any chances with our safety or our licenses, and all these losers have to do to get that kind of massage is open the phone book!


I saw the following sign outside a conference/convention hall today:

Steel Stud Manufacturing Association

I'm sorry, but as a healthy woman with an off-kilter sense of humor, one who lives in a town where the Chippendales have their own, permanent, theater, many thoughts unrelated to metal nailheads raced through my brain.

Needless to say, quite a few of them were x-rated naughty.

C'mon, "Steel Stud"??!!

The possibilities for abuse are endless!


What I'm reading right now:

Rereading the entire Honor Harrington series by David Weber, I'm almost finished with "War of Honor".

Absolutely excellent books which will always have a permanent place on my keeper shelf.


Take care of yourselves, folks, and have a great weekend!
(Yes, I know it's only Thursday night, but my weekend starts tomorrow, yaaaay!)


Ambulance Driver said...

"Steel Stud Manufacturing Association?"

Crap, I KNEW I shouldn't have left my hairbrush in my locker unsecured. They're cloning me now!

Christina said...

AD - Impossible!
Everyone knows that cloning is only used for "EEEEEEVIL", so they couldn't have cloned you!

phlegmfatale said...

Well, you never know - you may be the ideal therapist to the person who takes the place of the fired lady. In any case, it was probably best she leave if she was making a lot of impossible-to-keep promises. Still, sorry to hear your new position starts off with some stress.

And yuck, that grinding guy? I think it's probably better for someone like that to be bawled out - some guys just don't get the message if you aren't firm with them.

Dick said...

Yep, I can see stories like this one coming out of here on a regular basis.