Friday, November 01, 2013

Overheard in a Birthing Suite

Husband (speaking anxiously to wife in labor): Honey, are you okay?!

Wife (with a very slight smile on her face): I have a HEAD in my PELVIS.

He didn't ask her again.


Buck said...

I'm of a generation where I was barred from the delivery room when my first two sons were born. I'm also of an age whereby I was the "beneficiary" of NewThought, wherein my presence was REQUIRED when SN3 was born. All things considered, I think the old ways were best. There are just some things one doesn't want to witness.

Yeah, I know... the miracle o' birth, and all that. But witnessing your One And Only go through an ordeal like that and knowing you're absolutely helpless to mitigate the pain is an experience I'd rather forgo. Just sayin', yanno?

Christina LMT said...

I totally get it, Buck. I'm amazed at how different people act and react during the birthing process. Both women and men! I assisted in two deliveries today, and the parents were completely different in their behavior. Very interesting!