Thursday, April 07, 2011

Damn, my dogs are prissy...

but they're not stupid!

It's already getting up there in temperature here in lovely north Texas, and my dogs are not thrilled. They get pissy and difficult when it's too cold, wet, windy, you name it, and they're not happy when it gets too hot, either.

I was walking with them to check the mail today, and as we were heading back home, I was annoyed by Harley constantly lagging behind and almost wrapping the leash around me in the process. Usually both he and Tucker are up ahead at the end of their leashes, sniffing and looking around.

Then I realized that Harley was trying to stay in my shadow, out of the sun. And I laughed and let him be.

Clever Harley is clever.



North said...

That is pretty smart!

Old NFO said...

Either that or Harley didn't want a tan...LOL

Anonymous said...

ZOMG, Mitzi did that when I walked her the other day!! I was so surprised because she usually likes to bake her brains on a sunny patch of carpet or on the lawn. But this was toward the end of a long late-morning walk, and temps were going to be in the 80s that day. I guess she got tired of her tongue lolling. :)

I wonder why Tucker didn't mind the heat? Or is Harley just "cleverer" that way? :)

Christina LMT said...

Thanks, North!

Old NFO, Tucker is the one I used to have to put sunblock on in Vegas. But only if we were outside for a long time. And only on his front toes and his snout. :D

PMPN, I think Tucker was just eager to get home. He could see our house and wanted IN. Harley wanted that too, but he preferred a bit more comfort on the way. ;)
Mitzi is one smart cookie, too!
My pups love to sun themselves, like she does...but in the comfort of the climate-controlled house.

Mike W. said...

I'm not surprised. Dogs do overheat easily.

Brigid said...

Your shadow isn't big enough for the average hound to hide in, but nice of her to try.

Christina LMT said...

Brigid, it was in the latish afternoon, and Harley is small and skinny (Italian Greyhound); he did all right in his quest!