Saturday, April 24, 2010


So, there was a bit of drama at the spa today. We were superbusy, and the treatment rooms were booked almost back-to-back all day. I had a short break in the middle of the day, so I hied myself off to the (deserted) hotel employee breakroom, since the breakroom in the spa is minuscule and doesn't provide space or privacy for using my laptop.

It was 12:45, and my next appointment wasn't until 2 PM. I told the (rather overwhelmed) receptionist where I was going, mentioned that I had my phone with me, and took off.

Well, unbeknownst to me, my 2 PM was rescheduled for 1:30. Bri', the receptionist, dutifully texted me and expected me to show up on time, as usual. Unfortunately, the cell reception is rather spotty in our remote location, so I never got the text.

At 1:35, I was chatting with my pals on the Gunblogger Conspiracy IRC, while munching on an apple when my phone rang...

"Hello, this is Christina!"

"Uh, Christina, you have a massage at 1:30..."

"WHAT? I thought it was at TWO?!"

"It was, but they changed the time, I texted you..."

"Oh, shit, I'll be right there!"

So I raced back to the spa, carrying my laptop, phone, and half-eaten apple.

It was a side-by-side massage. Two friends getting half-hour massages in the same room. I was definitely late, but they didn't seem to mind, Kim and I got right to business and the clients left happy.

One lady who was NOT happy was Linda. *sigh*

Linda has raised complaining to an art form and spends most of the day grumbling about one thing or another. She was scheduled to do a service at 2 PM in the room Kim and I were using, and since we started late, and it was my fault, we couldn't short the ladies on their service time. Luckily, Linda's client was late in turn, so everything worked out fine. Funny thing is, not only is Linda a cranky-pants, she's also a hypocrite. She's the one who regularly goes over on her massages, resulting in a cascading effect of late starts, stressed therapists, and unhappy clients. Except for hers of course, since they, you know, get extra time and all...

ANYWAY, earlier, while I was having my lunch, blissfully unaware that back at the spa tempers were growing shorter as my absence grew longer, the following exchange occurred.

Linda: "Where's Christina, anyway? She's late! I have to be in that room by 2!"

Kim: "I have no idea where she is..."

Linda: "She's probably out there, having SEX with somebody!"

Kim: *blink blink* "Well, if that's true, Christina is having way more fun right now than WE are!"

Kim told me about this later in the afternoon. I still can't believe Linda believed/said that. It's so random. So bizarre. Yes, it's funny. But what in the heck was Linda thinking? That I was having some tawdry encounter in a broom closet with one of the janitors or maintenance people?


I think I'll just keep trying to stay out of Linda's way, which is far easier said than done.

Wish me luck, Y'all!

*No, not really. At work, on the clock? EWWWW.


phlegmfatale said...

Linda sounds like a stark-raving arsehole. Let us know if you need me and Holly to come up there and stomp a mudhole in her ass and walk it dry.
Sex at work reminds me of the post office-- some of the mail bags were from teh 1930s and 40s-- ancient, filthy. Once a supervisor and his *ahem* underling were caught having sex in a truck full of mail sacks. Good golly, the thought of such filth made my skin crawl.

Christina LMT said...

Phlegmmy, you'd have to wait in line behind Silver! LOL.

I told her that Linda is just an old, bitter lady. Pretty much not worth the trouble, honestly.

Thank you very much for the sentiment, though!

Sex is supposed to be messy, but DIRTY?! No, thank you! Unless it's from rolling around on the beach or in the grass...that's different!

I'm definitely with you on the skin-crawling thing. UGH!

be603 said...

Linda projecting something there?

Christina LMT said...

Oh, NO, be603...Linda is *much* too godly and Christian a woman to even CONTEMPLATE fornication!

RobertM said...

"Oh, NO, be603...Linda is *much* too godly and Christian a woman to even CONTEMPLATE fornication!"

Definitely projecting.

Shannon said...

Such typical behavior of hateful people.

Christina LMT said...

Hmmm. It was also suggested to me today, by a very wise person of my acquaintance, that Linda might very well be jealous of me. Why? I have no clue.

DaddyBear said...

Definitely the expression of repressed fantasies about being irresponsible and shunning duty for a tryst.

Or she's an old dried out hag who needs to get a life.

Either one. Pick at your leisure.

Christina LMT said...

DaddyBear, I pick door number TWO!

Buck said...

Agree wholeheartedly on the projection theories. Just sayin'.

be603 said...

Well you DID move to town from Vegas. So there's that... /heh

Christina LMT said...

LOL...I guess Linda figures what happened in Vegas might happen here?!

Not that anything like that EVER happened in Vegas. No, really!

Suldog said...

Any openings for janitors at your place?

Oh, wait. There's an asterisk.



Christina LMT said...


SCI-FI said...

"At work, on the clock?"

Hey, we employees get breaks, don't we?

And I keep my desk clean(ed off)...

Christina LMT said...

I dunno, SCI-FI...I working as a massage therapist, I just can't/won't wrap my head around anything sexual while on the clock. So the thought of shenanigans at work makes me cringe.

Zelda said...

Yeah, cuz yer such a slut!!! :-)

But really, they need to make sure the get hold of you on the phone and confirm with you personally before they rearrange your schedule. That was just stupid of them.

Christina LMT said...

Sluts 'R' Us!

I have to give our receptionist a break here. She was by herself and we really were SLAMMED. She thought that texting me was enough.

I did let her know that if I get a text, I *will* answer it. That should be a clue for her next time.