Friday, April 17, 2009

Pet Peeves

Here's just a few:

I HATE those automated, ridiculously complicated telephone menus, "For x, press 1, for y, press 2" infinitum, ad nauseam. Why can't I talk to a real person, right away? Even worse when you try to cheat by immediately pressing "0", which sometimes works, but then hear the message, "I'm sorry, that is not a valid entry." Then you have to hear the full recording over again. ARGH.

I hate people who habitually do not use their turn signals. PISSES ME OFF. They're there, use them, People. Please! A kitten dies somewhere every time you change lanes or make a turn without signaling. Think of the kittens, if not my nerves!

Not having a do-over button. Wouldn't it be great to be able to turn back time (sorry for stealing, Cher) and do things over on occasion?

That's it for now, I'm sure I have many more pet peeves, how about you?


Suldog said...

Being as I earn much of my living from "Press 1, etc." I have to say... I agree completely! Good trick - just tune out the menu, and when they get to the part about hanging on if you have a rotary phone, just hang on. A live person will get to you. That is, if you encounter a menu that has that option; I fear it's becoming a rarity.

As for turn signals, I'm with you 100%. Do these dopes think they're giving up some sort of secret info? Use the damn signals, you moron!

My pet peeve of the moment is all of the crap they throw on TV screens. If I wanted to find out about the next show, or some show coming up in a week, I'd consult my viewguide. Just leave me the hell alone and let me at least try to suspend disbelief concerning the show I'm currently enjoying.

Anonymous said...

Slow computers drive me insane!

HollyB said...

Now, hang on a minute. When I'm in a designated turn lane or a MUST turn lane I don't see the point in using my signal. All the signs around that intersection are sufficient notice of my intention to turn by being in that lane.DUH, why else would I BE in that lane if I wasn't going to turn?

Word verification? "fainter" LOL

Buck said...

I'm with you 100% on turn signals... especially on the freeway.

My pet peeve at the moment? All those GDamned ED commercials on teevee. One could be forgiven for thinking every single male in America has this particular problem given the sheer abundance of Viagra, Cialis, and whatever-the-hell the other drug is. Just STOP it!! PLEASE!

And then there's The One. I can't turn around without seeing his ugly mug. He's everywhere.

Christina LMT said...

Suldog, thanks for the tip. One still does hear that option about the rotary phone on occasion. I'll put that one to use!
I don't have TV at home, but at work we have a big screen and sometimes, if it's slow, we'll all sit in the lounge and watch. I agree with you that those teasers that pop up are distracting and annoying. Cut it out, people!

Holly, you are correct. I'm more annoyed about people not using their signals when they change lanes or turn into a driveway or parking area, or a lane that can go straight but they then turn right. ANNOYING! Not to mention dangerous, too. Considering that nobody observes the safe traveling distance!

Buck, when I DID have TV, those commercials pissed me off. I mean, is it really so much of a problem? Then you hear about the side effects...sheesh! TMI!
With the ONE'S prevalence on the screen, I'm gladder than ever that I don't have TV and have no plans on acquiring TV.

Christina LMT said...

Oh, TallyAngel, did you say something? My computer was so slow, I must have missed it...;)

Jay G said...

My pet peeve? Every single other driver out on the road...

Buckskins Rule said...

I'm with Jay G.

Christina LMT said...

Jay G. and Buckskins, AMEN!

Silver the Evil Chao said...

I have a TON of pet peeves, some of them video game related.

I hate it when people say that Halo 3 is the best shooter ever. NO IT'S NOT. Its A.I. sucks ass and the levels are generic!

I hate it when I think "Oh, this boss fight is going well" during a boss fight and then get absolutely murdered during the next turn.

I hate it when I can never seem to draw a certain character right.

I loathe escort missions. Especially when the person keeps getting themselves into stupid situations that I have to save their sorry asses from.

I really hate trigonometry.

I hate it when people claim that guns are useless in today's society. Like my Government teacher.

I hate it when I want to buy a song I've heard somewhere and it's not on iTunes. You're practically ENCOURAGING me to go somewhere and download it illegally for free, Apple! Luckily, I don't. I just download video game music, because no one sells 16-bit Sonic tunes.

I can't stand it when I wake my computer up from standby and I have no internet because my wireless router card has decided to give me the middle finger. Or maybe it's just that I need to install updates for it. Hard to tell, really.

I hate it when people gush about Obama and act like he's going to fix all of their problems. Yes, I'm a cynic, so what?

I hate getting sunburned.

I really, really hate opening my roast beef sandwich for lunch and finding AMERICAN CHEESE on it. Ohhhh, barftastic.

I hate it when mom makes negative comments about my Persona games while I'm playing them. I love how mom says that Persona 3's plot is stupid when she watches a show online about vampires in Louisiana. Yeah, because another show involving vampire/human romance is SO original and not stupid. Unlike Persona 3. Which involves shooting yourself in the head to summon your other self to fight demons. And Nyx causing the end of the world. Yeah, that's stupid, amirite?

Christina LMT said...

Wow, Silver. Tell me how you REALLY feel, why dontcha?