Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have these denim capris I haven't worn since last summer, and it's been so warm here the past few days, I broke them out and decided to wear them. They're very comfy and fit well...or so I thought!
Today was my typical Tuesday: Hit the chiropractor first, then went back home, collected the pups, and took them to the dog park. We hung out there for quite a while, despite the very strong wind that was trying to blow us all the way to Utah. Dogs tired out, we headed back since it was time to pick Silver up from school.
That little task accomplished, I was preceding her up the stairs when she hesitantly said, "Uh, Mom? I think you need to change your pants...those are ripped right up the back and I can see your underwear!"


Was I walking around all day like that?! I mean, I used the restroom several times, wouldn't I have noticed a gaping seam?! I'd like to think so, otherwise I just have to accept the fact that I was flashing my underoos all morning.


Just another typical Tuesday...


Mauser*Girl said...

You are damned lucky I didn't have a mouth full of soda when I read that. It would've ruined my keyboard.


Christina LMT said...

Wouldn't want to mess up your pretty, new house, THAT'S for sure!

HollyB said...

*G* Welcome to my world. I frequently seem to pull some sartorial boner or another. Haven't busted any seams lately, thanks goodness. But I have walked around an office with the back of my skirt tucked into my pantyhose, forgot my slip one morning when I was in a hurry so that everone could see through my skirt all morning, had a bra strap break and had to STAPLE it back together!

So relax, at least most of the peeps who might have seen you were strangers.

Ihr gro├čer Bruder said...

I feel your pain Sis. But it pales in comparison to when my platoon caught me with bright red toenails. I came close to going into cardiac arrest when I realized that I still had the paint on during monthly weigh ins that morning before PT.

Lin said...

Thanks, then I don't feel so bad. Last week, Mark tells me that I was parading around with my fly fully down only AFTER the very nice man at the drilling site had come over and chatted with us for an hour. I'd have rather been standing there with salad and poppy seeds plastered all over my teeth. Gads. Sympathies.

Christina LMT said...

Holly, holy have my sympathies! I think in situations like that, when you're AWARE of the "wardrobe malfunction", you just have to brazen it out.

Beebee, crap...that's embarrassing! Did you get ribbed about it endlessly? Anyway, HOW DID IT HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE??!!!

Lin, here's to hoping he didn't notice!

phlegmfatale said...

Who says ignorance is bliss? Then again, maybe Silver only really saw it because she was coming up the stairs behind you? I hope so!

Christina LMT said...

Me, too, Phlegm, believe me!
Those pants went right into the trash, there was no saving them.